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0% tax - LP burned - ownership revoked

1  billion   
 800 million

LP 75%
CEX 12.5%
Marketing 12.5%


CA: BcV9UtxHHMcP1ZaqTyeTZBBifVD558ixpBPJ15vxP2Nq

FWH was born in the OpenAI factory with the other FIGURE 01 robots - he felt like he never belonged. He couldn't do simple tasks like all the other robots. 

FWH's real dream was to become a world-famous meme - not just any meme, but a meme wifhat. He couldn't afford to buy a pink beanie like his favorite meme dogwifhat, so he picked up a red hat at a garage sale. FWH decided to leave AI WORLD and pursue a big-time career in MEMELAND.

When FWH arrived in Memeland, he thought he was going to the moon! But a mischievous Memeland gang called "the Jeets" beat him up and took everything he had.

FWH knew he was done for. The Doc diagnosed him with a rare disease called "low market cap syndrome" and told him his market cap was below 100k. He had no other choice but to find a low income job...

FWH looked in the mirror and reassured himself this was only a minor set-back. He asked himself, "Why can't I be as big as the other wifhat memes?? I'm smarter and taller then all of them!" 

to be continued...

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